Real Estate & Local Legal Services

Real Estate & Local Legal Services

Waterfront residential real estate in the Muskoka area and throughout Ontario cottage country has become a bourgeoning phenomenon, much to the delight of the local population, local business owners and the surrounding communities. Contractors, planners, lawyers, real estate agents, local shop owners, restaurants and the constituents of the District of Muskoka, Parry Sound, Township of Seguin and surrounding areas who benefit from an added tax base all reap the benefit of a flourishing real estate market. 

One Resident Lawyers' Take on Cottage Country

To many, Muskoka identifies as a tourist location; it is far more than that. To me, Muskoka does not just cater to a robust tourism platform. It provides another home; or, as many say to their friends and family as they head up North, the “cottage”. For many, it is the place to share drink and food, create memories, get away from the shoulder-to-shoulder and busy-bee pace of “the City” or just get to a place of purity where you can pour a cup of coffee and sit in the Muskoka Chair on the dock and let your thoughts get overtaken by the view and the sound of the ripples hitting shore; oh, the simple things that life has to offer. Don’t forget the campfire. 

But, you don’t have to relax. The area has enjoyed increasing land values and resale values year-over-year for a reason. We have a lot to offer through our tourism networks. Explorer’s Edge recently connected the area through Porter flights. Muskoka Tourism is constantly creating new programs for others to enjoy the sensations the area has to offer. Muskoka, which is made up by the Town of Bracebridge, the Town of Gravenhurst, the Town of Huntsville, the Township of Georgian Bay, the Township of Lake of Bays and the Township of Muskoka Lakes, has much to offer by way of nightlife and an opportunity for exceptional recreational activities. 

Muskoka – A Place for Everyone 

It never ceases to amaze as I watch tourists, locals and second home or cottage owners enjoy the myriad of attractions this area has to offer, such as camping, cycling, fishing, boating, snowmobiling, concerts or the wide variety of community events that seem to engulf each weekend, in each town, within the District Municipality of Muskoka through the weekends. 

With such a close proximity to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), it is no surprise to me as a real estate lawyer that there are so many opportunities to meet the awesome people who have decided to seek out a permanent home in retirement or a cottage to augment their busy professional lives. After all, Muskoka is the ultimate outdoor playground. 

When you are looking for a real estate agent and a lawyer to help with a purchase of waterfront property in Muskoka you have a lot to gain by leaning on the local knowledge. Besides the obvious, like a local fishing honey hole, the best restaurant in town, or the “must see event of the summer”, there are networks of professionals who have decades of knowledge to help make sure your investment in real estate in Muskoka is a sound one. 

As a real estate lawyer with years of experience dealing with the unique issues that face a purchaser of waterfront cottages in Muskoka, I feel confident working with local real estate agents, like Jack Janssen of The Janssen Group, to make sure that clients get just what they expected when they buy their sanctuary and their “piece of paradise”. 

Buying Muskoka Real Estate – Legal Aspects 

When buying Muskoka real estate, there are often issues associated with access, rights-of-way, private road maintenance agreements, waterfront structures, building and zoning compliance, future use, development, propane or fuel oil heating, septic tanks, well or lake water purification systems, Crown patents, and other “Muskoka” real estate considerations that a buyer is going to want to know about before closing. We, at Hoos Law Professional Corporation, can help. 

Real Estate Law – Hire Local Specialists 

Hoos Law Professional Corporation can work directly with you, or the lawyer that you are most comfortable with in your hometown to make sure that your real estate purchase goes off without a hitch. We have the local knowledge and the person-power to make sure your questions are answered and your property is just as you imagined it would be when you turn the key. We work closely with you, local title searchers, and your real estate agent to make sure you get just what you expected you would. Often times, we can work with you to arrange remote signing, so your attendance isn’t required. As a lawyer in Muskoka, there is nothing I enjoy more than working through a transaction and at the end being able to say, “Welcome to Muskoka, enjoy your new piece of paradise”. 

If you are looking to work with Chestnut Park or any one of the experienced Realtors at The Janssen Group you won’t be disappointed. I have worked with Jack and his office on countless transactions, and he is the epitome of a waterfront residential real estate sales professional. 

Happy hunting! Hoping to Welcome you to this place we call home soon. You won’t be disappointed to join us. 

Article courtesy of Cameron J. Hoos B.A. (Hons.), J.D., Hoos Law Professional Corporation
Cameron grew up in Bracebridge before attending Windsor Law school. Cameron specializes in residential, commercial and waterfront real estate, wills and estates and litigation matters in Muskoka where he resides with his family. Having grown up in the heart of Muskoka, Cameron possesses an intimate knowledge of the area and provides sound advice to both buyers and sellers.  

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