Muskoka North

A Tranquil Wilderness Retreat.

Welcome to Muskoka North

For Those Seeking Tranquility and a True Getaway From The Hustle and Bustle
Nestled just north of the iconic District of Muskoka, Muskoka North is a serene and picturesque region that encompasses the District of Parry Sound, the Township of Seguin, and the Towns of Huntsville and Parry Sound. This area is known for its breathtaking topography and rare, untouched natural settings, sprinkled with charming villages like Rosseau, Burk’s Falls, Magnetawan, Kearney, Sundridge, Pointe au Baril, and Britt. Muskoka North offers a peaceful escape from urban life, with cottage prices more accessible than in central Muskoka.
Here, life moves at a gentler pace. Residents and visitors alike are drawn to the tranquil atmosphere and the chance to be one with nature. Despite its somewhat remote location, those who venture here find it well worth the drive. The area is a haven for those seeking tranquility and a true getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

What to Love

  • Serene natural landscapes and untouched wilderness
  • Quaint, picturesque villages rich in character
  • Affordable cottage living, offering a peaceful retreat
  • The unique topography that includes lakes, forests, and hills
  • A strong sense of community in a tranquil setting

Local Lifestyle

In Muskoka North, life revolves around nature and community. Residents enjoy a lifestyle that is deeply connected to the outdoors, with activities like hiking, boating, and fishing being common pastimes. The local culture is one of relaxation and appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds the area. Community events and gatherings are frequent, fostering a close-knit atmosphere among residents. The pace of life is slower here, allowing people to truly disconnect and recharge.

Dining and Entertainment

Muskoka North boasts a variety of dining and entertainment options that cater to all tastes. At Curb Your Appetite in Burk's Falls, you can enjoy the best pierogies on the planet, served up street-food style. Yetti's Pizza Inc. in Emsdale offers delightful pizzas in a cozy setting. For craft beer enthusiasts, Trestle Brewing Company in Parry Sound is a must-visit, offering a range of artisanal brews in a scenic location. Lastly, Main St. Local Kitchen in Huntsville is a vibrant spot for farm-to-table eats, where the freshness of the ingredients speaks for itself. Each of these establishments has its own unique charm, contributing to the diverse culinary landscape of Muskoka North.

Things to Do

Muskoka North is rich in activities and attractions. The Algonquin Theatre in Huntsville is a cultural hub, hosting a variety of performances ranging from local plays to concerts. For music lovers, the Festival of the Sound at Charles W. Stockey Festival Performance Hall in Parry Sound is an annual event not to be missed. Outdoors, Arrowhead Provincial Park offers a wealth of natural beauty and outdoor activities, perfect for a day out with family or friends. Each of these destinations provides a unique way to experience the culture and natural beauty of Muskoka North.

Popular Lakes North of Muskoka

Those familiar with Muskoka know the Big Three lakes lie within the District of Muskoka. However, the entire north end of Lake Joseph lies in Seguin Township in the District of Parry Sound. The same is true for a portion of Lake Rosseau north of the Rosseau Falls. Central and south Lake Joseph and Lake Rosseau lie in the District of Muskoka. Beautiful lakes and lake systems can be found in Muskoka North, as can abundant wildlife.

Whitefish Lake, Little Whitefish Lake & Clear Lake

This chain of three lakes is an excellent alternative to Muskoka’s Big 3, providing ample boating and watersports opportunities. Whitefish Lake is located north of and flows into Little Whitefish Lake, which connects to Clear Lake. Clear Lake is the southernmost lake in this chain of three.
Whitefish Lake has a surface area of 277.9 hectares and is in Seguin Township. Little Whitefish Lake is, as its name implies, smaller than Whitefish, with a surface area of 159 hectares.  
Clear Lake is situated in the Township of Humphrey and is 218 hectares in size with a maximum depth of 44 meters. The shoreline is fairly developed, with residential homes, cottages, and some commercial properties.

Lake Vernon, Fairy Lake & Peninsula Lake

Lake Vernon is located northwest of the Town of Huntsville in two geographic townships, Stisted and Chaffey. Lake Vernon can be accessed via Muskoka Rd 2 to the north and Muskoka Rd 3 to the south of Hwy 11. With its 1566 hectares of surface area, Lake Vernon is the largest lake situated within the Town of Huntsville. Its maximum depth is 38 meters, and it has a clarity or Secchi depth of 3.2 meters. Here, the shoreline consists of urban, commercial, and residential development.
The Narrows and Hunters Bay connect Lake Vernon through Huntsville to Fairy Lake. Fairy Lake is smaller than Lake Vernon, with a surface area of 699 hectares. It is much deeper than its neighbor to the west, with a maximum depth of 69 meters and a similar clarity.
Providing miles of boating, Fairy Lake connects to Peninsula Lake to the east via The Channel. Peninsula Lake is the second largest of this chain of three lakes after Lake Vernon. Pen Lake has a surface area of 840 hectares and a depth and clarity similar to Lake Vernon. Peninsula Lake is located partly in the Town of Huntsville and partly in the Township of Lake of Bays. Pen Lake flows west through the canal into Fairy Lake and then into the North Branch of the Muskoka River.
This chain of three lakes is also an excellent alternative to the Big 3 of Muskoka and is conveniently located close to the amenities of Huntsville.

Magnetawan Waterway

Magnetawan is a beautiful Ontario wilderness area featuring scenic waterfalls, the Canadian Shield, and luscious vegetation. The Magnetawan River connects Lake Cecebe with Ahmic Lake, providing over 40 miles of freshwater boating.  Head north to Burk’s Falls and continue west on Hwy 520 to access Lake Cecebe. Situated in the Magnetawan and Burk's Falls townships, Lake Cecebe, with its surface area of 770 hectares, flows into the Magnetawan River.  
Lying within the District of Parry Sound, Ontario, is Ahmic Lake, which is also part of the Magnetawan River waterway in the Almaguin Highlands region. Ahmic Lake is approximately 19 km long, covering an area of about 1,739 hectares. Ahmic Lake boasts the oldest manually operated lock system in Ontario, making this a must-visit attraction. Wealthy Americans have been cottaging on Ahmic Lake since the 1860s and purchased large tracts of land around the lake. In fact, most cottages are generational and remain with the family, preserving the shoreline with only moderate disturbance or alteration.

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