Muskoka’s Elite Outdoor Gym Shock Fitness

Muskoka’s Elite Outdoor Gym Shock Fitness

As members at Shock Fitness Muskoka, aka ‘The Tent’, Jack Janssen and Carrie Trip wanted to learn more about the gym’s history and present offerings. Carrie sat down with owners and operators, Terrance Joyce and Jordan Falcioni, to ask some questions. They all agreed The Tent is a special venue for anyone seeking fitness and a sense of community spirit. 

History of Shock Fitness at The Lake Joe Club Port Sandfield, Muskoka

Terrance: We opened the tent in 2001 as a small 15 x 20 personal training studio for my client from Toronto who had a villa at the Lake Joe Club. He wanted to continue his training throughout the summer so, as a short-term fix, we set up the small structure. Word got out and many of the villa owners and local cottagers started coming in. The tent continued to grow progressively to the size we are today, 4,500 square feet.  

What types of clients do you cater to?

Terrance: Between Jordan and I we cater to a vast array of client. Originally, we mostly saw clients who wanted to feel good and look good on the dock. Then we started seeing people with sports injuries so rehabilitative and postural work became a very big part of what we do here. Young children started coming in, as young as 7 and 8 years old looking for sports training, general fitness, weight loss and to establish good fitness habits and routines. 
We’ve worked with pro athletes for years, NHL and NFL players and anyone who just wants to improve their fitness. 

How would you describe the community vibe of “the Tent”?

Jordan: It’s a very well conditioned vibe, everyone comes back to see each other, the members love and support one another. We are also the only gym to offer the outdoor aspect of working out which is a great feeling for everyone. You’ve got the view of the lake, the course and are just a stone throw away from Waters Edge. It’s a good all-around recreational vibe with a strong sense of community. 

What type of gym equipment do you have?

Jordan: We have a wide range of equipment from functional trainers to squat racks to cardio machines. This includes 3 treadmills, 2 ellipticals, stair master, 4 squat racks/bench presses, Smith machine, strength training, plyometrics, sled with a track on it and a lot of free weights. And the tire! 

Do you offer other services? 

Jordan: On top of the gym memberships and drop ins, we offer personal training. Terrance is a Master Trainer, and I am a Certified Personal Trainer with CSEP. We also have a Chiropractor here on Sundays in July and August.

Terrance: We also provide cottage calls plus assisted stretching. These are sessions for people who are tight after a tough workout or sports injury.

What are the Gym Operating Hours?

We offer 24-7 access to all members; they can open and close the doors as they come and go. Our staffed hours are 8-4 Monday to Friday and until 3pm on the weekends. 

How do you deal with Cleanliness and Hygiene at an Outdoor Gym?

Jordan: Considering we are exposed to all the outdoor elements we maintain a well maintained and organized gym. Our policy is to clean everything every single day, the equipment and machines get a deep clean including the bases and also sanitized twice a day. 

Terrance: On a bacterial level everything is very clean but there is always dust and wind blowing through. There is not much we can do about that but the trade off is we are in Muskoka enjoying the outdoors, so you trade off a bit of dirt on your hands for the view!

Do you offer drop in, pay as you go or memberships? 

Jordan: We do! We offer day passes. During the week a day pass is $20. On the weekend the rate is $30 which covers Saturday and Sunday. We also get a lot of drop-in personal training sessions.

We have monthly and season memberships as well. The full season membership is $449, and a one-month membership is $199. And because we are in Muskoka and want to support local businesses, we offer a staff and student rate at $269 for the season or $140 a month. You can check out our pricing here

What are your biggest challenges in operating Shock Fitness in Muskoka?

Terrance: Finding return staff. Usually, the staff are students, so you spend the season training your staff and then the following year you have a full turn over.

Jordan: I’d say getting the word out that we are not a private club. Many people assume that because we are located at the Lake Joseph Club in Port Sandfield, that we are private. We are working towards getting the word out that we are a public gym, and you don’t need to be a Club Link member to attend. 

Terrance: I agree with Jordan. I’ve advertised everywhere, including in the Muskokan and Dockside. I’ve even gone around in a boat dock to dock and delivered cards. In the end, word of mouth is our best form of advertising, and we love when cottagers tell their friends.  

What do you love about operating Shock Fitness Muskoka? 

Terrance: The people. I love the people. I love the relationships that were built, in my case some of these relationships have lasted since my existence here in 2001. And a sense of community that we are building here. 

Jordan: The same thing, the community is what always brings me back year after year. Plus, you can’t beat that Lake Joseph view. It beats the four walls of any gym I’ve ever gone to. 

Carrie: Thank you, Terrance and Jordan, Jack and I love coming to the Tent, not only for the workout and the great views but also for the camaraderie. 

Invest in Yourself at Shock Fitness Muskoka

Reach out to Shock Fitness, Muskoka’s only outdoor, lakefront gym today. Find them at 1072 Elgin House Road, Port Sandfield. Follow them on Instagram or call 647.449.6469. Hope to see you there! 

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