Port Carling Muskoka

Port Carling Muskoka

Port Carling is centrally located within Muskoka and is known as the Hub of the Lakes. You will find Port Carling occupying both sides of the Indian River with it’s locks connecting Lake Muskoka and Lake Rosseau. Port Carling is home to many historical points of interest, fine shops, art galleries and restaurants providing residents, tourists, and cottagers with ample opportunity to shop, dine, and explore.

Port Carling Then and Now

One of the main tourist attractions in Port Carling is “The Wall”. Displayed on the south wall of the Muskoka Emporium, home to a variety of shops, is a large mural comprised of 9,028 pictures that together create the image of the RMS Sagamo passing through the Port Carling locks circa 1922. When you get close to the wall you can see each individual photo capturing a moment of time in the lives of the residents of Port Carling during the village’s first century (circa 1860-1960).

With support from the Township of Muskoka Lakes and volunteers and staff from the Muskoka Lakes Museum and the Norma and Miller Alloway Muskoka Lakes Library volunteers collected and scanned photographs to digitally prepare for the wall.

Scenic Cruising in Port Carling

One of the best ways to explore the lakes is to board one of the ships in Port Carling. One such cruise is The Lady Rosseau. In the summer The Lady Rosseau offers daily cruises to the public on Lake Rosseau with cruises on weekends beginning in May. The Lady Rosseau is also available to wedding parties for specialized tours, private charters, reunions, anniversaries, birthdays, fundraisers, and corporate events. 

The Peerless II

Perhaps you prefer a more classic approach to sightseeing the lakes? If so, hope aboard the Peerless II in Port Carling. This ship was built in Bronte, Ontario in 1946 making it’s living as a gasoline and home oil delivery boat. It was purchased and subsequently restored in 2003 by Sunset Cruises and now offers locals and visitors the opportunity to cruise aboard this historic old boat. Sunset Cruises is owned and operated by Captain R.S. Potts. Captain Randy Potts has a long association with Muskoka and boats. Born and raised in Muskoka, Captain Potts has been on the lakes for over 45 years, and a licensed captain for over 35 years. The Peerless II offers public and private tours including sunset, dinner and wedding cruises. 

Noteworthy Sights in Port Carling, Muskoka 

Go on a Road Trip which includes sights in and around Port Carling. Specifically curated adventures by local small business Away We Go Trips are a fantastic way to explore Muskoka. 

The Muskoka Lakes Museum is located in James Bartleman Island Park, between the locks in Port Carling. The park itself provides a scenic walk along the river and locks. Like most attractions the Museum is closed in the winter you can check out their online exhibits including Nabob Turmeric. Nabob is well known for their coffee, but did you know they also sold spices? 

The Red Canoe Gallery is one of many Muskoka art galleries located on Lock Street and houses some very interesting local art including pottery, paintings, sculptures, wood carvings and jewellery. 

A Little Metropolitan Fix in the Heart of Cottage Country – Port Carling is known for its boutique shops including clothing, art and cottage décor. Get your sweat on at Crossfit Muskoka followed by a wash and blow out at SECAR Hair Artistry or your beauty fix at Enduring Beauty. 

Street Meat - No trip to Port Carling is complete without a stop at Pete’s Links. Just a 2-minute walk up the hill from the Port Carling Wall Pete is famous (almost) for his BBQ hotdogs, sausages and burgers. Always smiling Pete works alone at his “stand” which has picnic tables, chairs, and umbrellas. 

Follow up with a treat at Mooskoka’s. They offer Kawartha Dairy ice cream, frozen yogurt, old fashioned milkshakes, smoothies, and iced coffee. You’ll find Mooskoka’s just down the street towards the locks across from the Muskoka Emporium. 

The Hub of Muskoka 

If you want to be centre ice in Muskoka, Port Carling is the place to be. There are many cottages for sale on Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau, the Indian River and smaller lakes such as Brandy Lake, Mirror Lake and Silver Lake - all close to Port Carling. 

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